Digital Marketing - Business Owners Program 


Digital Marketing for Business Owners Program 

Our Digital Marketing course for Business Owners / Managers is for people who want to understand how the dots connect. This is a case study driven course, that will introduce you to all digital tools and processes that will help you to not only identify and  evaluate the opportunity but also to optimize and grow that piece of pie.

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Program Details

    Certificate Awarded (on completion ) :  Certificate of Completion – Digital Marketing        Program for  Managers 

    Outcomes : On a macro level, by end of the program, as an informed and educated user     you will be able to formulate a thorough plan for your business and build a framework     for Digital Marketing that will allow you to Go Live.


     On a micro-level , below are the outcomes that you can expect to achieve:


  •   Refine your understanding of Digital Marketing Landscape
  •   Define your Business Metrics and Goals for Digital marketing
  •   Be able to evaluate and optimize your Digital Infrastructure
  •   See integrated -Digital Marketing in action, connecting Data with Marketing
  •   Understand role and usage of Design and Content
  •   Leverage different Digital Tactics by combining an integrated strategy
  •    Explore Paid Advertising and its nitty-gritty : Google Search and Facebook Display
  •   Establish a basis of criteria for Measurement and Reporting 

   What you will learn:


    Your Business & Digital Marketing – an Intro 

o  Digital Landscape

o  Digital Marketing and how it fits in your overall Marketing

o  Business Objectives, Goals and Measurement

o  Scenarios

    Digital Infrastructure (CRM, CMS, Measurement and Reporting)

o  CRM (Customer relationship management)

o  CMS (Content management system)

o  Google Analytics – Measurement & Reporting

    Paid & Free Advertising: Media/Campaigns / Content

o  Advertising on Google – Search & Display

o  Advertising on Facebook

o  Content Marketing

o  Campaigns & its measurement

    Envisioning your Digital Marketing Framework Model

o  Reviewing live case studies and historical data

o  Worksheets to build individual business framework




4 weeks part-time

Total Hours



Instructor-led & online


$300 per person

Total Seats per Batch    


Next Start Date  

November 07, 2020