"​What you learn today is going to matter tomorrow. 
​I am here to help you make the most of your learning today”

About Us

 It is hard to conjure up our story, when we think of ourselves as a fledgling organization, born post start of COVID 19, but run by those who have borne the brunt of this epidemic, those born in the years considered to be that of Generation X, having borne the challenges and hurdles that came their way during these unprecedented times, staying positive to ensure a new day is born, the one that reflects the years of hard-work and vision, thanking for what has finally borne fruit and made us see the end of the tunnel, for this organization would not have been born otherwise, and what we have today is only a result borne ahead as an outcome of years of learning and experience, that has culminated into our current course offerings, born to provide immense value to all those who wish to learn digital marketing and gain from its practice, for we know while it may be too early in our journey right now, but knowing that our course borne success stories are widespread throughout the world, is what we strive, and that will make a perfect story for us.

BI- circa 1999 , wearing our custom bowling shirts courtesy Mail.com

The Motivation

“Over the years when I look back, If there is one thing  that helped me jumpstart my career in Digital Marketing, it was my first job at a start up Digital Marketing agency – Beyond Interactive, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.  It was here that I perhaps received my best induction training that allowed me to seamlessly integrate with a new organization and learn a new stream of marketing and processes that I had no prior experience or background in. Over the next couple of years, the place became not only a learning ground for me but also everyone that was part of the organization. Beyond Interactive grew tremendously and within my next two years was acquired by a large  media conglomerate  WPP group, and many of its employees went on to take other prominent roles and  positions across  the globe. If I had to point out one  thing that helped the company grow manifolds in such a short time was the way it responded to empower its employees through its ongoing training and learning programs.  This formed the basis of success not only for the organization but also for many of its employees and served them throughout rest of their lives.

I guess for many of ex-BI’ers (what we call all those who once worked at Beyond Interactive) and  those who came in contact, the motivation is to relive those years in one way or another. As for me , this is also about  combining my love for teaching and helping others in starting their careers in Digital Marketing,  just the way I did, the right way!"

Amit Kumar, Founder

Our Vision

To provide a learning experience that ensues clarity and consolidated understanding of the current digital marketing space, thereby driving positive outcomes for the user.

Me - the Person
Me - the Professional
Me - the course Developer
Me - the Person

 I look forward to undertaking new challenges and accomplishing new feats 

A “soon to be” first time dog owner, with a creative wife and pre-teen daughter (who luckily got both my analytical skills as well as my wife’s creativity, at least  for now 😊), now living  in Melbourne since 2015.

Friendly, Kind, Open-minded yet Opinionated and Obstinate , is how my wife describes me ( don’t fall for all of it,  that is all I would say in my defense 😊).

I enjoy listening to world music ( mostly jazz, Bossa Nova, old school House and my native Bollywood music) and some of my daughter’s playlist, playing tennis, running, coffee and meeting up with friends.

Me - the Professional

A self-starter with entrepreneurial zeal and solutions to overcome any obstacles

I am a result oriented professional with years of proven experience in leading digital marketing communication to drive successful outcomes for a diverse set of clients, ranging from General Motors in USA to Microsoft in India to other SME's in India and Australia.

At the core I consider myself as an entrepreneur at heart , who is a data and systems driven digital native with a keen eye for creative and visual design. It is my passion to leverage digital medium to grow businesses and have them succeed online.

Me - the course Developer

While Developing this course , You have been the centre of my attention. 

I have designed these programs to educate our  two main audiences - the students /job-seeker  and the business owner / manager. The courses have been developed keeping in mind the audience goals and the market landscape in which they operate.  Within such context,  I pride in developing this course which will allow our audiences, to objectively learn, imbibe and grow their practice of Digital Marketing.