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    ​Digital Marketing job-ready!​

    Start your learning with a program developed especially for you : to build skills, knowledge and experience You require to perform at your job. A digital marketing course tailor-made keeping  in mind ; You - a student or a Job-seeker looking to start a career in  Digital Marketing, or You - a Business Owner / Manager , looking to learn the ropes and  leverage Digital Marketing to grow and manage your business. 

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Digital Marketing  Learning Objectives

Not a "one size fits all" solution

For a Student or Job-seeker

As a current student /professional in the field of Marketing you are interested in starting a career in Digital Marketing .

You not only want to understand the concepts but also be able to learn and use the tools which will enable you to create, measure, optimize and report on your campaigns across all your Digital Marketing initiatives. Moreover, you need to work within some known parameters to help you build a structure for optimal learning. Your learning should emphasize on what the market needs and the prospective employers seek.

Learning concepts, theory and tools  and then applying them practically is what you need to instill all the new information that you will acquire . Working on  real / live projects  and dealing with real business problems will not only develop your skills but also provide you with much needed starter experience. Once on your first job, you want to be able to  not only perform your duties but also deliver results.

For a Business Owner / Manager

As a business owner or a manager who is managing an external /internal team, your primary learning objective is to understand Digital Marketing and how to apply it to your business. You want to be able to understand how to leverage Digital Marketing to grow your business. You want to learn about the larger impact of digital transformation that will be brought about as a result of your new investment in the practice. A Business owner also needs to learn about the process that connects different pieces of Digital Marketing

to provide an integrated view of ROI. In addition, as the driver of the business, you want to be able to evaluate what kind of technology, processes and people to use, to enable your business  to perform seamlessly and deliver the results consistently. In the end, you seek profitability and the ability to generate a best possible return on your investment.

Start  Learning​ Digital Marketing relevant to you 

For a Business Owner / Manager   

​A program that caters to your learning needs. Instructor -led and Case-study driven course, easy paced  with 12 classes spread across 4-weeks.

  • Hands on Learning via Case Study

  • 24 hrs program across 4 weeks

  • Review Essential Digital Tools and Processes
  • Identifying & Evaluating Opportunity

  • Measuring Digital Marketing Performance

  • Optimizing Digital Landscape

Business Owner Program Details

For a Student or Job-Seeker

 An immersive program that builds your expertise from the ground up.  This hands-on program is instructor led and delivered part-time (online &/or at-location) and prepares you, with classes spread 3 days a week, across 17 weeks.

  • Hands-on immersive learning
  • 102 hrs instructor led/online learning  across 17 weeks
  • Getting trained on tools
  • Content Management Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Design and Video Basics
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Search Marketing and Facebook Advertising
  • Google Analytics
Student Program Details
BI - circa 1999, in our custom bowling gear courtesy Mail.com
Our Why


"It was 1999 and I moved from India to USA for my first job in Digital Marketing. It was there, at this Digital Agency ( then known as Beyond Interactive and acquired by Medicom), that received my best induction training that allowed me to seamlessly integrate within an organization and learn a new stream of marketing and processes that I had no prior experience or background in. Looking back I realize, If there is one thing  that helped me  and so many others to jumpstart their career in Digital Marketing : it was a result of the ongoing training and learning provided at the start of  my career at BI ( Beyond interactive was fondly called that) . The training recieved at the organization, formed the basis of success not only for the organization but also for many of its employees and served them throughout rest of their lives.  I guess its time to give back what I got.

Amit Kumar - Founder, course developer & instructor

Our programs

Part-time, instructor-led, customized to your needs & outcome driven

Digital Marketing - Business Owners Program : 

This part-time 4- week certificate course is  designed for Owner or Business Manager , who have financial responsibility and  want to leverage Digital Marketing for their business. 

  •   Hands on Learning via Case Study
  •   Required Essential Digital Tools and Processes
  •   How to Identify & Evaluate Opportunity
  •   Measure and Evaluate Performance of your Digital Marketing
  •   Optimizing your Digital Landscape
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Digital Marketing – Professional Program  

This is an extensive hands -on 17 week part-time course,  best suited for students who are looking to start a career in Digital Marketing. During the course, you will  cover the breadth of Digital Marketing framework, processes and tactics and learn how to  best utilize them to maximize your gains. 

  • Digital Marketing – Getting trained on tools
  • Content Management Systems and Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Design and Video Basics
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Search Marketing and Facebook Advertising
  •  Google Analytics 

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